CEMASTEA launches online training programme for teachers
CEMASTEA launches online training programme for teachers

The Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA) has launched an online teacher training course to equip teachers with online teaching skills during the Covid-19 pandemic.

CEMASTEA Director Jacinta Akatsa said during the launch that 1,063 teachers doubling up as key trainers are already participating in the first phase of the eight-week course. “She disclosed that the centre had developed a programme of online classrooms to support teachers in their efforts to teach their students at home.

“12 online classrooms have been created to build teacher’s capacities on how to use Google Classrooms, Competency-Based Curriculum, specific subject topics, sensitisation of online safety for teachers and students,” said Akatsa. 

Second phase

She said 11,000 teachers are scheduled to come on board in the second phase with the pioneer 1,063 playing the crucial role of online tutors.“The purpose of the online training is specifically to strengthen teachers’ capacities to engage in online learning with a view to enabling them to use the same with their learners,” she Akatsa. 

She said once trained, each teacher would be expected to open Google Classrooms and teach their learners in the subjects they have trained in.

“This training contributes to the realisation of Teachers Service Commission (TSC) policy of continuously equipping and improving teachers’ competencies for enhanced learning outcomes in Kenya as well as meeting Kenya Professional Teaching Standards (Kept) requirements for enhancing teachers’ competencies in Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK),” said Akatsa

6 thoughts on “CEMASTEA launches online training programme for teachers”
  1. Thanks to CEMASTEA for being one of the best saga to promote education standard, training teachers and capacity building on latest education trends in Kenya
    am grateful to hear that CEMASTEA is training teachers online to help their leaners infact it’s anoble course

  2. A great milestone. Would be interested to know whether the training accommodates all subjects, specifically languages.

  3. That’s the way to go, keep up cemastea.as a chem/ Bio teacher am sure this will go along way to equip our teachers with skills required to help our students.hope to benefit from the program

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