Government to employ another 56,000 teachers by July 2024

The government will employ 56,000 teachers to bridge staffing gaps, President William Ruto has announced.

He said the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will spend Sh47 billion to hire more teachers.

In addition, Ruto said the government will spend Sh24 billion on upgrading facilities for junior secondary schools (JSSs).

Speaking during the 60th celebration of Jamhuri Day at Uhuru Garden in Nairobi, the president said the money will be used for the construction of classes and infrastructure for JSSs.

The commitment comes amid criticism of the roll-out of JSS. Skeptics have cited lack of proper infrastructure and poor staffing as some reasons that must be addressed urgently.

Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers Secretary-General Akelo Misori said it was wrong to have domiciled the JSS in primary schools.

He claimed that for the last year, no proper learning has taken place in JSS.

Ruto said funding for the education sector has been increased.

“Our expenditure on learning, training, and education in general is a most appropriate investment in the development of the human capital necessary in our economy. Recognising this, we have increased the total allocation to our education sector by an additional Sh127 billion,” President Ruto said.

Last week, the Ministry of Education said the government had allocated Sh3.9 billion for the construction of an additional 15,021 classrooms for JSS by 2025 to accommodate the first Grade 9 learners.

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu said the World Bank will provide an additional Sh9 billion towards building 9,000 classrooms. 

The pioneer class of Competency-Based Curriculum will in January 2024 join Grade 8.

Addressing the chronic shortage of classrooms in Nairobi County, Dr Ruto unveiled plans to construct an additional 3,500 classes in the city. 

He affirmed the government’s commitment to collaborating with all Members of Parliament to ensure that every child in Nairobi has access to quality education.

Ruto further said that Sh46 billion from this year’s allocation to the education sector will support a new university funding model designed to provide equal opportunities for every Kenyan child to access higher education.

The funding includes Sh9 billion, specifically designated for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), with plans to recruit an extra 2,000 tutors crucial for enhancing TVET education. 

The president said the massive investment in education will be pivotal for the development of human resources necessary in driving economic progress.

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