Ministry allows schools to resume co-curricular activities

Basic Education PS Julius Juan

The Ministry of Education has given a green light to school heads to organize internal and external extra-curricular activities under Covid-19 regulations provided by the Ministry of Education.

This comes amid high cases of students’ unrest and arson in more than 30 schools across the country weeks after the ministry banned all extra-curricular activities in learning institutions.

In a circular dated November 15, Early Learning and Basic Education Principal Secretary Julius Jwan directed the principals to ensure minimal or no physical contact during the activities.

“Ministry of Education advises principals to engage learners in internal co-curricular activities guided inter-school contest over the weekend and after classes,” Jwan directed.

While reopening schools after the Covid-19 break, President Uhuru Kenyatta banned all extra-curricular activities in schools such as sports, drama, music and prize-giving days.

 Also among the school activities banned were exchange visits between schools.

“That all extra-curricular activities such as sports, drama, music and prize-giving days, involving more than one school remain prohibited for the next 90 days; and all exchange visits between schools shall remain prohibited for the same period,” Uhuru said in an Executive Order.

As per the Executive Order, all learners and teachers were required to wear appropriate facemasks when on the school premises or within school transport. 

 “That all schools shall ensure that they have adequate handwashing stations corresponding to their student population, in line with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education; schools experiencing water problems must ensure that there is adequate availability of hand sanitisers for both the students and the teachers,” the Executive Order read in part.

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