PS says expulsion of 70 form four Anerstar boys reversed, to face prosecution after exams

A decision last week that resulted in the expulsion of seventy students from Anerstar Boys High School has been reversed.

Speaking at the Anerstar Boys on Monday morning, University Education and Research Principal Secretary Amb. Simon Nabukwesi stated that the about turn was made after consultations with the County Director of Education, the County Commissioner, and other stakeholders.

According to PS Nabukwesi, the 70 boys who broke into the neighboring Anerstar Girls on Thursday night are now back in school and appeared ‘remoserful when they met Ministry of Education officials’ early Monday.

While they will be allowed sit for their remaining papers in the school, their movement will be controlled. The school has also beefed up its security.

However, the group is not out of the woods yet, and will face charges once their exams are finished and the probe into the matter is completed.

“They will face the law, there is no exemption for that, but they will have their certificates so that they can be corrected to become better people,” PS Nabukwesi said.

They will also be barred from receiving Certificates of Good Conduct until they are deemed reformed.

According to a police report obtained by Citizen Digital, the 70 boys breached the perimeter wall of the Anestar Precious Girls Secondary School at night and made their way to the dormitories.

Officers from Githioro Police station who were alerted by screams coming from the compound rushed to the scene.

They reportedly had a hard time dispersing the boys who were hovering around the dormitories.

One of the officers was forced to fire into the air, dispersing some boys whose “mission at the school remains unclear,” the police report reads.

During the incident, 10 boys were arrested while 60 others were arrested on Friday morning as they attempted to sneak back into their school.

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