Police hunt for man for allegedly defiling his two teenage daughters

Police officers in Kirinyaga County are searching for a man suspected of defiling and impregnating his two daughters.

The man – a church elder from Raimugaa village in Ndia constituency – went into hiding after a relative reported him to the police.

He is reported to have been threatening his wife against reporting his misdeeds, sparking fear in his family.

He is said to first have defiled and impregnated his 16-year-old firstborn daughter but the case was not reported after he allegedly threatened the wife.

The teenager now has a seven-month-old baby, allegedly from the violation.

The issue would have remained hidden, that was until the second-born daughter aged 14 revealed to her aunt that she was also pregnant.

“Nikampeleka kwanza kwa chief ndio nikaambiwa niende polisi, huko tukapelekwa hospitali wakapata ako na mimba ya miezi tano,” the aunt said.

After the girl was questioned, she indicated that her father was responsible for the pregnancy.

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