14,613 delocalized TSC teachers successfully transferred

The Teacher Service Commission (TSC) has finally transferred 14,613 teachers out of the 14,733 applications received as at November 30 to be effected this month.

TSC Secretary Nancy Macharia said the remaining 120 teachers could not get possible matches to replace them in their current stations but will soon identify suitable replacements.

Of the 14,613 teachers transferred, 10,934 are in primary schools, 189 deputy head teachers, 1,948 head teachers as well as 1,316 and 226 secondary school teachers and principals, respectively.

“All teachers and deputy head teachers are reporting on January 23 while the school heads are to report on January 16. The purpose of this memo is to seek approval to mail the list of teachers to be transferred within regions and the memo to Regional Directors to enable them transfer the teachers within the stipulated timelines,” said Macharia, in an internal memo.

Going forward, Macharia said all newly recruited teachers, posting after leaves or disciplinary process and transfers will be to schools or counties with the largest teacher shortage to reduce disparities in teacher distribution across counties.

Similarly, Regional directors will within five days after the end of every school holiday be required to submit transfer reports including the number transferred per county per level, by county to Director of Staffing.

 She said transfers within the region, totaling 12,019 are to be effected by Regional Directors while the 2,594 inter-regional transfers will be effected by the Headquarters. The higher number of transfers at the regional level are in Rift Valley, with the Regional Director expected to move 3,962 teachers out of which, 3,006 are primary teachers, 48 deputy head teachers, 580 head teachers as well as 260 and 68 secondary teachers and principals respectively.

The region with the second highest number of transfers is Eastern, with the Regional Director now moving 2,740 primary teachers, 39 deputies, 434 head teachers, 314 secondary teachers and 51 principals.

The TSC headquarters will handle transfers for 1,746 primary teachers, 39 deputy head teachers, 361 head teachers, 396 secondary teachers and 52 principals totaling to 2,594. Regional Directors will handle another 2,003 transfers in Western, 1,425 in Nyanza, 560 in Coast and 491 in Central.

“The Commission approved a number of teacher transfer requests across counties to be effected in January. With an obligation to ensure optimal utilization of the teaching resource and to reduce the disparities in teacher distribution in the country, you are required to endeavour to use teacher transfers among other strategies to address teacher shortage in the most understaffed schools and counties and teacher imbalance across schools and counties under your jurisdiction,” Macharia directed.

Macharia urged the regional directors to coordinate and guide this process to the end and transfer teachers, deputy head teachers, head teachers and principals as per the dates given.

Regional directors are to work with respective County Directors to ensure that teachers are posted to schools they have requested if it is addressing shortage in most understaffed schools and counties as well as imbalance across schools and counties.

“Where applicable, gender parity needs to be taken into consideration while posting teachers to schools to foster gender inclusive learning environment that provides a supportive atmosphere for all learners. Age, teachers’ health status and disability of teachers should be considered when transferring,” she said.

The directors have also been urged post heads and deputy of institutions to schools corresponding with their current school category, size of the school and level of enrolment as well as school performance.

They are to ensure all teachers whose transfers have been approved are released as required to avoid delays that may affect smooth running of school programmes.

“Ensure online posting of all transferred teachers and immediate submission of entry and exit reports to enable appropriated coding and subsequently averting overpayments and other related challenges,” Macharia said.

The directors have been urged to ensure that handing and taking over by school heads is overseen by TSC County Directors and the Ministry of Education. Similarly, Macharia said that the transfer appeals committee should handle teachers’ appeals within the stipulated timelines.

They are to submit status of handing and taking over reports of school heads and reporting status of all transferred teachers by February 10. The list of all heads and deputy heads of all schools should be submitted by March 1.

Last month, the National Assembly Education Committee directed TSC to transfer 14,733 teachers who were moved through the controversial policy by January 31.

“I direct that you table before this committee the status report on the transfers by January 15 and the teachers who are seeking to move be transferred by January 31, 2023,” the education committee chairman Julius Melly told TSC in December.

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